This page is for those who wish to see results of photo's taken that compare the Fuji Finepix HS50EXR and HS30EXR

Sample Photos taken by Paul Tomlinson.

Testing was done using various EXR camera modes but left set to 16Mp, after all its the sensor working to it's optimum we need the results for, not manipulating the settings to find where it performs best. I tried to use a low ISO (100-200) to get the best results, identical framing (as best I could), exposure, zoom (HS50EXR used a max of 30x even though it can zoom to 42x), and of course, macro when close.

All photos were taken within minuets of each other so conditions have not changed to much and with the same mode setting available on each camera for the best comparison.

No post processing has been carried out, these are the exact jpg's produced by the camera's. I took just 1 single photo with each camera, no second chances, so I would only have just one to pick from for each comparison. Shots were composed, framed, auto focus etc allowed to set and then taken. All of the shots were taken holding the camera's even the longer zoom shots, no tripod has been used.

There are a lot of comments out there giving the impression that these bridge type camera's are not up to the quality of an SLR!!!! Well of course they are not, this is a camera in the £300-400 range, that offers almost all the features that you would expect to find in a full SLR kit that would put you back a few thousands of ££££. If you don't like the idea of a 1/2 inch sensor as the quality will not be to the standard you expect, then wait, save some more cash, then go and buy the camera of your dreams.

Okay, so are either of these Fuji cameras capable of producing photo's to satisfy? Please don't take someone else's word for it. Negative comments found on forums are mostly made by people who have never even seen the cameras, let a loan having actually used one. They quite often start with "I'm a ******* user and always have been". Why are you even bothering to look at a Fuji? And how can any comments left for a camera you have never used be justified?

Anyway, take a look at the images on this page and make up your own mind! Has the quality on the HS50EXR has been improved or not by the new EXR II sensor, over it's predecessor, the HS30EXR? And remember, the most important question you need to ask yourself is, if the results you see that both of these camera's have produced, are something you would be satisfied with if you had just taken them yourself and not what someone else thinks.

The images below are obviously resized copies, for a proper comparison please click on each of the images to enlarge to full size, (most are 4-5Mb images) they will then open in a new tab or window for that detailed comparison.



Close Normal
Wide Angle
30x zoom of bridge in photo above this one.
Crop of the photo above, HS30EXR crop has been straightened for comparison.
Looks like I have a different zoom here.
Zoomed a little more.
A crop of the above photo to show detail on sign etc
The 3 photo's above were all taken on EXR Full Auto Mode both clock and window at 30x zoom
The 4 photo's above were all taken on EXR Resolution Priority both clock and window at 30x zoom and a crop of the clock.
EXR Resolution Priority various levels of zoom from the first photo.
EXR Resolution Priority various levels of zoom from the first photo, looks like I picked up on the wrong window box?
EXR Resolution Priority various levels of zoom from the first photo.
EXR Resolution Priority various levels of zoom from the first photo. This is the Sandy Heath transmitter.
HS50EXR only, extras photos the first 4 are at 42x zoom.
For those who wish to see photo's from the Fuji HS20EXR, some can be found here: HS20EXR Photo's


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